Saturday, January 4, 2014

Simply Sore, Simply Tired, and Simply Hungry!

Our First Flock
This year we decided to make good use of the richness of our land and become shepherds. This is our little flock of 10 ewes, and they are waiting for us to bring them to their new home. Of course they have no idea what's in store for them. They will be spoiled and pampered and hopefully will flawlessly give birth to a multitude of lambs in April.

You may recognize the dog in the photo. It's an Anatolian Shepherd and is the guardian of our flock while at their home farm. We'll have guardians for our flock at our farm, too. Here is a picture of Hobart (named after a commercial meat grinder, of all things), and he was raised and trained in Gay, GA, by Brian Cash of Ewe-niversally Green. He's also patiently waiting with his flock at Brian's farm. We think he'll like our girls, and will also help us raise two little guardian puppies that we're getting. I'll have pictures of the puppies soon because we're going to pick them up on Sunday.

As for now, we have been clearing the wood lines and are getting our perimeter fencing underway. Thanks to our nephew and his girlfriend, we made quick work of several large trees last weekend. The son of one of Bob's cousins is coming tomorrow to stay for a week or two to help with the fencing. 

We'll all be in great physical shape once this fencing is done. Simple living on our farm right now means simply sore, simply tired, and simply hungry!

Bob and Mike ready to dig

They really look like farmers!

Mike and Heather, we really appreciated their help!

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