Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Cast of Characters: Easy Laugh Woman

Just a couple miles away from our farm lives a couple who have become new friends. We actually got to know them after we made a farm visit to meet their Anatolian shepherd because we were thinking of getting one to be a livestock guardian to our sheep. We've really grown to appreciate them for all their farming knowledge, their easy friendship, and great senses of individuality and humor. My new friend, Dede cracks me up with the most unexpected and funny comments about the most mundane things, and she laughs so easily; I just really enjoy her company.

The other day, Dede picked me up after my morning farm chores and I rode with her to take care of some errands, and then we went to a little antique shop-filled town close by, Waxhaw, and had lunch at one of our favorite pubs, Maxwell's Tavern. Afterward, we browsed an antique shop, drove by a nursery out in the country, and then she brought me home to a very hungry Louie.

When you have a bottle baby lamb, there is no such thing as going anywhere "for the day," but it's a wonderful thing indeed to spend a few hours with a friend who makes you laugh till you have tears in your eyes.

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