Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wisdom and Ice Cream Cone

Great news! I went to an oral surgeon for a consultation to have all four wisdom teeth extracted, and he told me instead that he wanted to remove only one. Wow! He could easily have just taken all four and I'd have never known that there was no reason to extract those other three healthy teeth. I appreciate that he based his decision on what was best for me.

Oh, and I really must mention that his office was beautiful, his staff professional, and he is both charming and engaging. I loved the technology he used to explain his decision, too. First class, and easy to find in Ballantyne.

Thank you, Dr. Sharma!

ELW went with me and we did some shopping at Joann's, me for fabric for a quilt, and she for a pattern for a vintage dress and fabric for a shirt for her husband. Then she talked me into a chocolate dipped ice cream cone at McDonald's.  I haven't had one of those in years! Yes, I know it's not real ice cream, but it sure was yummy anyway, and the perfect way to celebrate the good news.

Live in the Moment!

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